Never be afraid of failure: Michelle Bridges

Health and fitness superstar Michelle Bridges talks about the difference between failing in the gym and in business.

21 September 2018

Michelle Bridges has some blunt recommendations for business owners: don’t be afraid to fail.

The health and fitness superstar joined Mark Bouris on The Mentor with Mark Bouris podcast, saying worrying about failing in business is the opposite to the instincts you have in the gym.

“When you’re in the gym and you’re wanting to build muscle, you go to fail, you train your muscle to fail. Why? Because it then will get stronger,” Bridges said.

“In business everyone freaks out and thinks “what if I fail?” … you’ll get stronger.”

Michelle said the most important thing after failing is to take stock and learn from where you went wrong.

“It’s a gift, if you are smart enough and are willing to park your ego for a moment, that there will be a massive lesson in here for you,” Bridges said.

Failure is a key part of business growth in the minds of investor capitalists, looking to invest.

“If you want to raise money from a venture capitalist one of the things they ask you is ‘have you ever failed before?’ - and the answer had better not be no,” Mark said.

“Because they actually want to know that you have failed before. It’s nearly a pre-requisite for investment.”

Listen to Michelle’s full conversation with Mark on The Mentor podcast here.