Success comes from routines and rituals: Michelle Bridges

Hear from the fitness icon about how she found success in business

21 September 2018

One of Australia’s most successful and recognisable fitness trainers, Michelle Bridges joins The Mentor with Mark Bouris podcast, to talk about her incredible success in the health and fitness industries.

Brides puts down her success to finding the right routine, in the same way she would with her fitness training clients.

“I’m a big of habits and routines and rituals,” Bridges said.

“And anyone I’ve worked with who has gone from zero to hero with their health and their wellness, their success has been born through habits, rituals and routines.”

“The reason why I’ve done ok in business is simply because I applied the same principles, the same philosophies from my training to my business.”

While Bridges is the first to admit that sounds repetitive, she knows it has its advantages.

“It sounds so boring, but I think us humans, we work well when we are in a little bit of a routine” Bridges said.

Mark agreed - saying from his own experience, having a routine is hugely beneficial.

“I think the routine piece is extraordinarily important for sport, or exercise, or health. But it’s also really important for business,” Mark said.

Listen to Michelle’s full conversation with Mark on The Mentor podcast here.