Running as an independent: Angela Vithoulkas

The Small Business Party’s Angela Vithoulkas talks about her experience running in politics for the first time.

14 September 2018

Angela Vithoulkas has been a business owner for more than 20 years - which means you get used to figuring things out as you go along.

But Angela wasn’t prepared for what it was like to run for political office, first being elected to the City of Sydney Council in 2012.

She joined The Mentor with Mark Bouris podcast to talk about her experience.

“I ran as an independent because I didn’t know I could start a political party at the time,” Angela said.

“I stumbled my way through an election with the small business chutzpah that we small business owners have.”

Angela has since created the Small Business Party in NSW, and will be running as an independent in the by-election for the seat of Wentworth, currently held by former Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull.

“It’s a half-million dollar process to nominate and put yourself through,” Angela said.

“And I was successful the first time, much to my shock and other people’s horror.”

Listen to Angela’s full conversation with Mark on The Mentor podcast here.