Small Business needs a greater voice: Angela Vithoulkas

Hear from the founder of the Small Business political party, talking about why she wants to give small business owners a voice in government.

14 September 2018

This week on The Mentor with Mark Bouris podcast, Mark was joined by Angela Vithoulkas, a small business owner turned politician for the City of Sydney.

Angela also started her on political party, “The Small Business Party”, and will be running in Wentworth, the seat currently held by former Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull.

Angela said when she first entered politics, she had no idea that she could have had a voice as a small business owner.

“I had been at the stage of business where I had been operating there for more than 20 years and I never knew I could have a voice at that level that would directly affect my business,” Angela said.

“And eventually once you find out you can, the process is so ridiculous and the red tape so onerous on any business owner that it’s virtually impossible to register to vote.”

Angela says her experience made her committed to helping out small business in speaking up in government at all levels.

“The business act said you had to register every time there was an election - how many small business owners are going to do that? Who has time to fill out 25 pieces of paper on the form?” she said.

“And it seemed so obvious to me that there was a barrier set up at every level to stop small business having a voice.”

Listen to Angela’s full conversation with Mark on The Mentor podcast here.