Managing growth is the biggest challenge

Norm Black from TripaDeal says it’s important to be strategic about the opportunities you take

06 September 2018

Every business in the growth stage has its challenges.

TripaDeal, starting from just two staff with an idea in 2011, has now grown to more than 100 staff in Byron Bay and 1000 contractors around the world.

Its founder, Norm Black, joined The Mentor with Mark Bouris to talk about the business development and future plans.

“The opportunities are endless for us, but it’s making these considered decisions to what is the next step each time,” Norm said.

“We’ve had phenomenal growth, but that’s not always an easy pathway. It’s managing the phenomenal growth.”

With the growth comes expansion plans, including targeting new audiences overseas.

“We’re going to launch in New Zealand in the next few weeks, and we’re excited about the prospect of a mirror market there,” Norm said.

“And we’re going to move into the UK in the early part of next year.”

But the most interesting next step will be attracting customers into Australia, instead of sending Aussie travellers on exotic trips around the world.

“We’re an outbound service because that’s what we know, and it fills up our services around the globe but we’ve had a lot of pressure to get some inbound travel service to Australia too,” he said.

“We have a lot of business in India and China that we sent people to and they’re interested in bringing people to Australia.”

Listen to Norm’s full conversation with Mark on The Mentor podcast here.