Don’t forget about selling to Baby Boomers

Norm Black from TripaDeal talks about the importance of a human connection when making sales

06 September 2018

In the travel industry, planning trips and making large transactions requires a certain level of trust and confidence.

Norm Black, co-founder and CEO of TripaDeal, says that the biggest hurdle for many businesses is they’re only targeting younger audiences and forget about Baby Boomers wanting to have a conversation.

“I think the message that gets lost with online businesses is that people isn’t stop being humans and want to interact with another human for a transaction,” Norm said.

“It’s how business has been done since day dot - people want to have interactions.”

“And if you build a relationship with a person you’re transacting with, you’re more likely to drop money with them because you have trust.”

TripaDeal intentionally made the phone number the largest possible font on their website homepage, encouraging people to talk through their travel plans with ease.

“People talk about confidence in a transaction and that confidence comes from the conversation you’re having with the person you’re transacting with,” Norm said.

“It’s the same in any industry. If I’m on the phone with someone in the financial sector, for example, and don’t feel comfortable with a person I’m talking to, I’m 9 out of 10 times I’m not going to make a sale.

Listen to Norm’s full conversation with Mark on The Mentor podcast here.