Navigating the Travel Industry: TripaDeal

Norm Black, founder of the online travel company, joins The Mentor podcast

06 September 2018

Norm Black is the co-founder and CEO of TripaDeal, an online travel business that has grown enormously since its launch in 2011.

Norm joined The Mentor with Mark Bouris podcast to talk about TripaDeal’s rise, and how their business model works.

“We buy the trip, hotel and airfares, we go out and contract the guides and drivers and the land based tours around the globe, whether they’re in Sri Lanka, China, Vietnam or Europe, that’s all us,” Norm said.

“The logistics are so huge and because it’s so big we’re going to hopefully get ahead of the pack and anyone looking to try and duplicate it for the same thing will be a challenge.”

TripaDeal now has over 100 staff in its Byron Bay office, and over 1000 operators and contractors around the world.

“The beauty of what we’ve done is that we’ve never needed funding, because we take the cost of the trip up front and built it layer by layer,” Norm said.

“We’ve never got ahead of ourselves and it’s continued to grow on its own internal revenue.”

Listen to Norm’s full conversation with Mark on The Mentor podcast here.