Why it’s so important to have a business Mentor

Mark Bouris explains why it’s critical for every business owner to have a mentor

05 September 2018

If you’re in business or have aspirations of having a business down the track, it’s important to have a business mentor to help you along the way.

Mark Bouris explains why having a trusted advisor who has business experience is so beneficial.

“I think it’s important to find a mentor because - first and foremost - you should want to follow in someone’s footsteps who inspires you, that’s really important,” Mark said.

“Secondly you need to test your ideas out on someone.”

Testing ideas doesn’t always mean finding someone to tell you if you’re right or wrong - but helps you challenge your ideas.

“Don’t go looking for a mentor who is going to give you all the answers, you want someone who is going to challenge the things that you put to them,” Mark said.

“They can always question the fundamentals of your proposition, and question how you’re going and look at things from a rational point of view.”

Key points to consider
- A mentor is not someone to have a quick conversation with and walk away, a mentor relationship is someone you continually talk to every month.
- Use a mentor to keep you accountable in your business.
- Your mentor will not have all the answers but ask you the right questions to help you succeed.