How important is theatre in a presentation?

Emma Bannister from Presentation Studio says it’s essential to engage with your audience.

31 August 2018

For many business owners and employees alike, presentations are a daily part of doing work.

Which means that it takes being engaging and interesting to capture people’s attention.

Emma Bannister, the founder and CEO of Presentation Studio, spoke on The Mentor with Mark Bouris, saying it’s important to vary your presentation style.

“There’s a range of ways to connect and engage and you’ve got to mix it up - you can’t just do one thing,” Emma said.

“You can use short stories that people connect with and makes people feel a certain way; you can connect with visuals, use shocking statistics - waking up people to the reality of things.”

“But making it meaningful, not just a pie in the sky statistic but something that’s relevant to them.”

Another crucial component to nailing a presentation is to repeat your key points.

“The main mistake people make with the key message is they only say it once at the beginning,” Emma said.

“And nobody is going to remember it at the end, because people remember less than 10 percent of any presentation.”

“So if there’s one key thing you want them to remember you’ve got to repeat it - almost like a preacher - you’ve got to say it a lot for it to really stick.”

Listen to Emma’s full story with the episode of The Mentor podcast here.