Making Better Presentations: Emma Bannister

Hear from Presentation Studio’s founder Emma Bannister on how her business got started.

31 August 2018

Emma Bannister has seen a lot of crappy PowerPoint presentations.

Which is a good thing - as her business Presentation Studio was created to help people improve their pitches and presentations to help them get results.

“That’s definitely where it started - people saying “I need to look great and win this job”, or for people who had to present back in an interview,” Emma said.

“Now it’s more marketing teams, groups of people who are rubbish presenters who need help presenting the message more clearly.”

Speaking on The Mentor with Mark Bouris podcast, Mark described Emma as a ‘trojan horse’ to get into businesses.

“You’re making people look better and hopefully they can elevate themselves into a really good position in the business, and then retain Emma’s business for their whole business!” he joked.

“You’re taking advantage - in a good way - of the egos and frailties and competitiveness of an individual’s needs in an organisation.”

Listen to Emma’s full story with the episode of The Mentor podcast here.