Working with influencers to build your brand

Yasmin Border from The Soak Life talks on The Mentor podcast about building her brand using Instagram influencers.

20 August 2018

Yasmin Border’s luxury bath salt company, The Soak Life, has had great success using Instagram influencers to build sales and produce content.

Yasmin explains that there are many influencer platforms that allow you to find quality influencers for your brand.

“When you use Tribe, you put the brief out and call for a specific type of person for your specific product, and then what you do and don’t want them to do in your photos,” Yasmin said.

“And they’ll pitch to you with their pricing, and that starts from $50 for a small micro-influencers up to a couple of hundred thousand dollars for a big influencer.”

Yasmin will then search through the influencers pitching their content to make sure they are going to be beneficial for The Soak Life’s presence.

“I’ll go through their accounts, I’ll see their photos and their engagement to see how many likes and comments they’ve got,” she said.

“Some of the bigger ones I’ll run through analytics to make sure they don’t have any fake subscribers, which is really big on Instagram.”

“And it’s funny a lot of the micro-influencers have higher engagement than the bigger influencers.”

Listen to Yasmin's full story with the episode of the podcast here.