How Americans do business differently than Australians

Emma Isaacs talks about the pace of business in the United States, including the “win at all costs” mentality.

13 August 2018

Mark Bouris was joined by Emma Isaacs, global CEO of Business Chicks, on The Mentor with Mark Bouris podcast.

Emma discussed how the pace of running a business in America is such a mind shift after her experience in Australia.

“Personally, we love being in America, and I love the velocity at which business moves there,” Emma said.

“The way I’ve seen companies be born and scaled in matters of minutes, and the mindset shift that we have to make.”

Emma says learning those skills was very different to her experience building businesses in Australia.

“The way I built my business was in creating profit, and my vehicle has always been through property. I’ve had managed funds an played in the share market but had the business be able to fund my personal wealth,” she said.

“But in America it’s not like that, they don’t care.”

“They use other people’s money, it’s growth at all costs, it’s how do I get to $100 million mark as fast as possible, screwing everyone along the way.

“And don’t worry about profit and don’t worry about failure.”

Emma talks about how you learn fro failure and learn to move quickly to keep trying something else.

“Failure is a given in the USA, a lot of Silicon Valley VCs and PEs won’t actually back you unless you’ve failed once,” Emma said.

“They value that and see what you’ve learned from that and how you handled that. But to fail in Australia it’s not in the vernacular.”

Listen to the full episode of the podcast here.