Business Chicks CEO Emma Isaacs on her biggest failure

The decision for Emma Isaacs to pivot her dream of taking Business Chicks to the USA was a difficult one.

09 August 2018

Emma Isaacs, global CEO of Business Chicks, says she’s fresh off her biggest career failure, trying to replicate her success of Business Chicks in Australia overseas.

Emma joined The Mentor with Mark Bouris podcast to talk about it.

“We decided in 2015 that I was cruising, doing really well in Business Chicks here [in Australia],” Emma said.

“It’s doing really well; it’s still in growth, we run a profit every single year, we run a tight ship and run a fantastic company.”

“But as a leader I felt I had plateaued and was going through the motions.”

“I’m not a manager of people and problems, I’m the one to come up with the ideas and drive the growth and create and innovate and I felt like I was cruising a bit.”

The decision to give the United States a try was a hard one.

“We had speakers come out from the US one day including marketing guru Seth Godin, and he said there was nothing like this in the US where someone had created a brand around this category with the touch points and engagement and love for the brand,” Emma said.

“So I very naively thought ‘let’s give that a try’, and we went there and did launch events there. We had huge crowds of women and it was exactly the same here but with American accents and clapping.”

Listen to Emma's full story with the episode of the podcast here.