What is Namaste Technologies?

Meet the Namaste Technologies founder, Sean Dollinger, who is in Australia joining Mark on The Mentor podcast.

07 August 2018

Mark Bouris was joined by Sean Dollinger on The Mentor with Mark Bouris to talk about founding his business, Namaste Technologies.

The company has grown to the largest e-commerce platform that sells cannabis products, operating in many countries and adjusting as the legalisation process changes around the world.

“We started as a vaporiser company, selling vaporisers,” said Sean.

“You can use vaporisers for eucalyptus, mint, chamomile - it heats up a product. So instead of using paper to burn cannabis, this allows people to do it a healthier way.”

“We saw vaporisers being sold across the world so we decided to sell the product. So we applied for a licence and we’ll be the first platform to sell multiple brands of cannabis,” Sean said.

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