How to pitch: Birth Beat on The Mentor

Mark Bouris talks with Edwina Sharrock on how to improve her pitch for her business, Birth Beat.

01 August 2018

Edwina Sharrock joined The Mentor with Mark Bouris podcast, she was asked to give the elevator pitch about what her business Birth Beat does.

Here’s the lowdown:
-Birth Beat is the one-stop shop for expecting parents that can be accessed nationally, is run by registered midwifes and private health rebates apply.
-It’s one payment of $297 and gives 12 months access and a 30 day money back guarantee

For Edwina, talking about the product has been an important learning curve.

“I’m terrible at selling it - and that’s one of my things,” she said.

“I’m passionate about doing what I do but people said I didn’t tell them how much it was or where they could get it or even the Birth Beat website or name.”

When discussing the pricing model, Mark’s first reaction was that it seemed too cheap.

“I’ve had that comment from a lot of coaches saying it’s too cheap and that people will perceive it as not having value, but remembering I’m from regional NSW and at the moment, $297 in a lot of regional Australia is a heck of a lot of money,” Edwina said.

“I don’t want to add pressure to relationships for women who are preparing to go to a single income to have a baby, and I don’t want it to be an expense that people can’t afford. I want this to be available for everyone.”