How the Birth Beat business has been refined

Hear from Edwina Sharrock talking about she modifies her Birth Beat programs based on the demands and feedback from her users.

31 July 2018

Birth Beat has been Edwina Sharrock’s ‘baby’ for the past 18 months, working to refine her online prenatal education courses to deliver the best product for expecting parents.

Since that time, she has evolved from running a business directly advertising to consumers, to now running corporate and B2B programs.

“Since doing the accelerator we’re now working with corporates who are including us in their health and wellbeing packages, and HR can now have those conversations with their staff about coming back to work before they’re even gone,” Edwina said.

“It’s hugely exciting from a cashflow perspective that we have those contracts in place annually, and also private health is rebating us as well.”

Birth Beat is recognised as a private health provider, which means users can claim the cost of the course back from a number of insurance companies.

“Previously, [insurers] didn’t recognise online education, so for people living outside cities, you can now do Birth Beat and get a rebate back from your health insurer,” Edwina said.

“And we’re the only ones in that category at the moment.”

But when it comes to competition, Edwina isn’t worried.

“Everyone says we’re advertising and people are now going to copy - but I hope they do!” she laughed.

“Let’s normalise childbirth education - it means there’s more choice which is great, but that also means there’s pressure on me to stay the best.”