Patience and Commitment lead to business success

Sarah Wall talks about the lessons she learned starting up her business, NETFIT Netball.

22 July 2018

For Sarah Wall, one of the most valuable lessons she ever learned as a business owner came before she had even started her business.

Now a co-owner of NETFIT Netball, which she founded in 2012, Sarah can see how her time playing for the Melbourne Vixens helped build the resilience and patience needed to build a new business in the competitive fitness and wellness industry.

“When I reflect on my career, I think that I’ve been able to be committed and patient.”

“At the Vixens I was a bench player a lot of the time. and the feedback was ‘Sarah, don’t look so happy sitting on the bench, because you’re wanting to be out on the court!’”

“But I was happy to be there. I knew it was going to take a break [to give my my chance], and then when that break came and I got on the court, then I was going to make it my own.”

NETFIT now covers fitness, nutrition and wellness, with year-long programs for its participants, and Sarah sees how preparation, patience and perspective help keep her and her co-owner, Kim Green, on track as the business grows and inevitably faces challenges.

“Because I’ve learnt that things don’t come easy, I’m okay with that, and I learned that through netball.”

“I just learned that things are going to take time, and sometimes you get a lucky break, and you’ve just got to take it.”

Key takeaways:
-Patience is a virtue that can serve any business owner (or athlete)
-The qualities that make a successful business owner are qualities that can be learned, or practiced, in any area of our lives.