Lessons from NETFIT Netball: Never be afraid

Sarah Wall tells the story about how she asked her teammate and former Australian vice-captain Kim Green to be part of her business, NETFIT Netball.

20 July 2018

Sarah Wall started NETFIT Netball in 2012 as coaching clinics and netball gym classes that she was running herself.

When she joined the NSW Swifts in 2014 and met Kim Green, she knew she wanted her to be part of the business - but needed to build up some courage to ask.

“Even after knowing Kim for a year I was still a bit intimidated, and I went to her one day and asked if she would be interested in coming on board and she said “yes” and I was surprised!” Sarah laughed.

And there’s a lesson in that - many people don’t ask the question to people and that’s the difference between something happening and not happening.

“I admired her and wanted to work with her and the reason I hesitated was [me thinking] that maybe she didn’t want to do it or that she had her own thing going on,” Sarah said.

“And [what got me over that] I’m used to getting told no, so it didn’t matter.”

NETFIT Netball has subsequently grown since the partnership to include a training, nutrition and fitness app with year-long programs for participants.

“I was even thinking the other side of it - before I asked Kim I thought that if the was keen she’d ask me about being part of NETFIT,” Sarah said.

“But what I learned was that a lot of people also sit back and need to be asked.”