Why getting the right help can kickstart your business

And why it's so important to publicly praise your staff for good work.

18 July 2018

I have never done my job to get accolades.

With Yellow Brick Road I just want to help people make good decisions with their money, and with Mentored I want to help pay my business experience forward to others in the community.

But one of the real highlights of running a business is hearing positive feedback about your staff.

As I’ve said many times, it’s important to publicly praise your staff, as those kinds of acknowledgements play an important role in loyalty and job satisfaction.

So I wanted to share an edited email I received from a woman, about her positive experience with Yellow Brick Road.

I hope this helps encourage you to publicly celebrate your staff when they do a great job.

Hi Mark,
I am just writing an email to you to tell you my story about one of your staff members, Daniel Flett at your Wyong branch. Without his support and believing in us, I don’t know where we would be! I would like to give you a bit of personal background of me so you understand the impact of the support we got from Daniel.
In 2012, I worked full-time for a large organisation and I was bullied so badly that I have not worked since. I spent years not leaving my home; I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t cook, I couldn’t function. I was unrecognisable even to myself.

But I won the lottery when I met my husband 17 years ago. I was a single mum living in Terrigal with a 4 year-old boy. He was a Baulkham Hills boy. We moved to Western Sydney and bought a house in the peak. We struggled for many years, but we were happy. 

My husband worked overtime for years and saved up enough money to buy my son a new car so he could get to and from university because he was so proud of him.  When he said for better or for worse he meant it. 
Anyway, so my husband has always wanted to own a business for himself as he is the hardest worker I know. So we decided to open up a laser-cutting business, and we needed a loan to help us on our way. But we were rejected from so many banks, until my husband suggested that I call Yellow Brick Road.

My life had changed and I still pinch myself that I could be so lucky after all the knock-backs. Daniel at Yellow Brick Road couldn’t help us enough. We felt so supported - nothing was too much trouble and he got us into the banks where they took us seriously. It was a whole different experience. Daniel didn’t know my story, but his support meant more to us than he will ever know.
We now have a pre-approval for a loan and we have ordered the machine from Germany, and bought a new factory unit in Somersby. Our business will be open in January 2019.

I will work hard and smart to be successful but I never forget who helped us get here.  I don’t know why I have told my whole story to you- but all I want is Daniel to be told his doing a good job. 

Too many people are always quick to complain about negative things and I know your business is your people. 

I think he would get a buzz from getting a call from you as I have heard him talk of you on a few occasions and thinks you’re a great guy.  

I don’t do things to get something out of it and I’d prefer to remain anonymous, but I believe life is all about the right intention and I want Daniel to know how appreciative we are.