What’s in a name? Mark and Dee talk about Ubiquitous Realty

Branding and advertising expert Dee Madigan sits down with Mark Bouris on set of The Mentor, looking at the first episode’s family business, Ubiquitous Realty.

19 April 2018

For branding and advertising expert Dee Madigan, the issue starts with the business name - Ubiquitous Realty - a confusing name to say the least.

“If you’ve got a bucketload of money, you can afford to be out there with a name, like Virgin with Richard Branson,” Madigan said.

Key points:
-Brands aren’t what you say about yourself, they’re about what customers feel about you.
-Never forget who your customer is, what they need and how they feel .
-Check the idea for your business name among people beyond your immediate list of cheerleaders.