Potency in launch means you can actually fly

Pip Edwards talks about the launch of P.E Nation to get the brand off the ground

17 July 2018

When P.E Nation launched in 2016, it was in 45 stockists both in Australia and around the worldwide.

Those kinds of figures are almost unheard of for a brand’s launch, and it’s what helped spread the P.E Nation values to the world.

“[The entire brand] was a leap of faith for our manufacturers, and they were comforted knowing that we had stockists like David Jones on board,” Pip said.

“But not only did we have the product and the plan and the execution, but we had an insane marketing and PR plan as well.”

“We had the rollout plan, and I knew we had Instagram and what that would look like, and with my background in PR we utilised all my PR connections.”

Those connections included having a launch article in Vogue magazine.

“So it was all very planned. And when you have potency in launch, you can actually fly, and that’s what it’s all about,” Pip said.

“Aligning all the relationships and all the connections at one time to work.”

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