It Ain’t Luck: How Pip Edwards built P.E Nation

Hear from Pip Edwards about the work that went into building her successful business, P.E Nation

16 July 2018

There’s a misconception with successful business owners in Australia that they were lucky to have things fall their way to build their business.

Pip Edwards would refute that. After 17 years learning the fashion and retail expertise, she says the success of P.E Nation comes down to hard work.

“We only launched into the market two years ago, and before that I was design director at General Pants, working in head office running the product and managing all the product that went into the business,” Pip said.

“Before that, I was at Sass and Bide, then before that I was at Ksubi running the PR department before moving into design.”

“So I’ve had 17 years of experience and skill building across different businesses, some design driven, some corporate driven, from a retail and an online perspective as well.”

And when it comes to luck, Pip says you create your own opportunities.

“It’s learning on other people’s time, learning from people and mentors and different scenarios along the way,” she said.

“And I moved across areas that interested me and I got to the end of General Pants and I knew that I could put the whole pie together myself.”

“It just fell that way and as you get a little more senior you understand the bigger picture about what business is all about.”

Key takeaways:
-Concept is one thing but what’s important with business is structure.
-Luck in business doesn’t matter, it’s about learning and working hard

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