“P.E Nation was right in front of my face”

P.E Nation founder Pip Edwards talks about building a business on the foundation of a great name

16 July 2018

When Pip Edwards was still working as design director at General Pants in 2015, she was contemplating her future. And like many great ideas, she was having a drink with a girlfriend who suggested doing something sporty, like PE.

“Pip Edwards. Physical Education. It was right in front of my face,” Pip laughed.

“So I met with my girlfriend who became my business partner and she said, we need to do this.”

The name was what kick-started the business, based on the nostalgia around physical education from school.

“The name was the idea - that’s how it all unfolded,” Pip said.

“It was crystal clear what the name meant and what it stood for, and how people felt when you say PE, the nostalgia around it.”

“I think the fact that it was so organic and the play on my initials as well - the nostalgia and what PE felt like for people at school and that it’s sport and we do activewear, it’s kind of a no-brainer.”

Key takeaways:
-Building romanticism and nostalgia into a business name has instant impact
-The name needs to speak to the product and the brand values

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