Should you sell real estate privately?

Andrew Blachut, the founder of real estate disruptor PropertyNow joins Mark Bouris on the podcast to talk about selling houses privately.

12 July 2018

Buying and selling real estate is one of the biggest financial decisions most people make in their lives.

Andrew Blachut, founder of PropertyNow, is helping people sell real estate privately without a commission going to agents - but still allowing them to list on the major real estate website portals.

Andrew says one of the main reasons more people don't sell privately is simply the market share of real estate agents.

"If people knew they could get onto the major portals, they would use us more," he said.

"The thing is, it hits them in the hip pocket at the end. If agents were coming to them saying that they'd want 20 or 30 thousand dollars up front, we'd be instantly very popular, I think!"

"Because the pain is hidden, it certainly strikes them at settlement date."

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