I’m passionate about human potential

Chef Pete Evans talks with Mark Bouris about helping people be their best selves.

08 July 2018

Pete Evans is more than just a chef. He’s an author, restauranteur and TV presenter on My Kitchen Rules.

But he’s most passionate about using his career and skills to help others reach their potential.

“People want to create and express themselves in whatever means that is; be it dance, music, art, film, business or volunteering, any number of things,” Pete said.

“And that is difficult to do when you’re in pain, when you’re tired and sick and when you’re on medication that effects how you think.”

“Imagine a world when everyone wakes up feeling fantastic - imagine the energy and the output.”

To Pete Evans, that starts with food as one of the biggest building blocks to health and wellbeing.

Key takeaways:
- It’s important to express yourselves creatively in whatever outlet that most represents you
- The repercussions on our daily lives when you wake up feeling energised can change the world

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