Risk-taking in Business: Pete Evans

Pete Evans joins Mark Bouris to talk about taking risks in business

06 July 2018

Pete Evans is one of Australia’s most recognised chefs and TV presenters, whose professional output has been prolific.

“I’ve been self-employed since 19, and I also were employed to Channel 7 in one of my jobs - everyone thinks that’s my only job but I have a lot more than just that,” Pete said.

“I like to create concepts and ideas that I believe that will benefit society or I see a gap in the marketplace of something that I believe should be out there.”

“So will I [always] make a return on the investment on that? Probably not, but will I make a return on investment as a gift to humanity? Already, if it’s changed one person’s life then that to me is a good product to put out there into the world.”

Pete is also insistent on looking after as much of his business himself - including negotiations.

“I don’t have a manager, or a PA, I do everything myself,” he said.

“If someone wants to contact me, there’s no filter and I respond to people. Which is why I negotiate my publishing contracts, my network contracts; I negotiate everything that has to do with me, myself.”

Key takeaways:
- Everything in business has an element of risk, but it needs to be calculated
- When what you do doesn’t feel like work, you don’t feel like you’re busy

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