Culture Creates Itself: Jaye Edwards

Mark Bouris sits down with Jaye Edwards to talk about building team culture.

04 July 2018

Jaye Edwards’ first experience as a hairdresser starting his own salon was a difficult one - he lost $50,000 by making a bad business decision without getting legal advice.

But it helped him redefine what “culture” is in his hair salons, and allowed him to create his new structure for contractors and employees.

“There was a moment when I lost a lot of money to realise I could do something better,” he said.

“It took a long time to realise that I could do it better and it was like a whole switch in my body changed, and it was a necessity.”

Now Jaye has a growing number of salons, with a mix of contractors and employees based on their skillsets and interests, while everyone has the capacity to maximise their earnings.