Pete Evans: Why you have to look after yourself

The chef, author and TV presenter says it’s important that people in business look after themselves.

03 July 2018

Burnout is prevalent in every business and industry, but is particularly common in the food industry.

Chef, author and TV presenter Pete Evans says once people realise the harm in not looking after yourself, it changes your entire perspective.

“When you do something for somebody else that doesn’t feel congruent for yourself, you might spent five,10, 15 or more years doing something until you have a crisis or listen to your gut and intuition,” Pete said.

“Even though you learn lessons along the way, you’ll realise just how long you’ve wasted not doing something that you want to do.”

It can also be easy to feel selfish - but the benefits of following your own dreams and looking after yourself have flow-on effects for those around you.

“If you look at any one of the iconic people of the world in business or in any field; the ones who succeed are doing what they want to do, regardless of anyone else,” he said.

“And the ones who succeed help so many other people in the process.”

Key takeaways:
-It’s not for you to worry about the choices and decisions of other people
-When you take care of yourself and look after yourself, you will help others in the process
-Remember the plane analogy: put your oxygen mask on before you help others with theirs.

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