Why Mark Bouris wants to support rural Australia

Hear Mark on Ben Dobbin’s radio show, Rural Queensland Today

29 June 2018

Mark Bouris joined Ben Dobbin on radio show Rural Queensland Today to talk about the injustices that rural Australian farmers face when it comes to the banks and government.

Mark says that farmers have become a victim of their own strength.

“The people on the land never whinge or complain, they battle through everything, the conditions, the weather; everything,” he said.

“So what I’m trying to do is scale up the noise around the regional and rural industry - and that’s where I come in - to scale up the noise about what actually matters to this country.”

There are many stories of farmers losing their properties during difficult climate seasons, despite owning millions of dollars of prime agricultural land - which is something Mark wants to address.

“What we have to do is move the compassion that ordinary Australians have into the banking system,” he said.

“And the only way to make that happen is for it to be exposed and the government has to legislate against this.”

Mark reveals his plans to investigate and tell more stories from the rural and regional community, to help provide them with a voice.

“This is our chance, and I want people to tell me these stories and we investigate a few of them and we make a big deal of them,” he said.

“What I intend to do is take my film crew and film it, put it on my website, and I’ll take it to the Treasurer and take it to the Prime Minister and go from there.”

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