How (and why) Joey Scandizzo sets goals

Why working towards a clear set of goals works for the founder of Eleven Australia

27 June 2018

Business owners are busy. They’re stuck in the grind of the work, planning their business strategy, paying bills and making ends meet.

Which is why Joey Scandizzo, co-founder of Eleven Australia hair care products, says it’s so important to set aside time and make sure you’re on track.

“Years ago I didn’t think much, I just did whatever until I spoke to a mentor of mine who said to set some goals,” Scandizzo said.

“And that was probably the best advice I could get. I sit down every year and write all my goals down and make them achievable.”

That process extends from Joey to his staff as well - ensuring they are also working towards goals to constantly improve themselves.

“I say that the most important is to have my staff achieving their goals, and if they’re achieving their goals, I’m achieving mine,” he said.