How to make the hospitality industry more hospitable

Colin Fassnidge sits down with Mark Bouris to talk about how to treat customers

21 June 2018

He’s a celebrity chef and restaurant owner, but Colin Fassnidge says when you work in hospitality, you’ve got to treat every customer as if they’re family.

Here’s it in his own words:

“I brought my mother to a fine dining restaurant once and she didn’t know what a John Dory was and the waiter smirked,” Colin said.

“So my mum got embarrassed and wanted to leave, and didn’t order dessert and didn’t order cheese.”

“So then I realised I need to treat every customer as if they’re my mother.

That lesson helped Colin to realise that you’re there to help people have a good time - not just serving food.

“You can’t talk down to people, you’ve got to treat them like they’re in your home,” he said.

“If you make them embarrassed, they’ll go next door and tell 50 people. And it doesn’t take much in this town to have a bad reputation.”