Why restaurants need to nail their menu

Hear from My Kitchen Rules chef Colin Fassnidge about the importance of the food business getting menus right.

19 June 2018

Colin Fassnidge’s restaurant 4Fourteen is known for changing its menu frequently to match the seasons and what’s popular.

“It’s very important to nail your menu and your concepts - you need to know who your demographic is and who you are feeding,” he said.

“There’s no point trying to deliver trendy food to people who don’t want it.”

Colin’s other critical advice is to make sure the price of your food is worth the money.

“When you buy food, everyone has to put on their on little bit of tax onto it and you want to cut out all that tax,” he said.

“If you can go straight to the farmer that’s ideal but if you can go to the market and buy the vegetables yourself.”

Important notes:
-Make your menu small and concise so that you’re not overusing too many products.
-Designing your menus is about working fast and working smart