How the B.Box products came to life

Monique Filer and Dannielle Michaels talk with Mark Bouris about how their business of B.Box came about.

13 June 2018

When you’re a parent, you get used to changing your baby in all kinds of places. Planes, cars, shopping centres - everywhere you go you want a clean solution to be able to keep your baby happy.

Mark Bouris sits down with Monique and Dannielle from B.Box to talk about how their company came about.

“We were on a flight, and travelling with a newborn isn’t easy at the best of times and right on queue, she needed her nappy changed,” said co-founder Dannielle Michaels.

“So I took her nappy bag with me and had to juggle the wipes, the creams, the bits and pieces in a tiny cubicle which was mission impossible.”

“And now I’ve changed her, what do I do with everything? And so that was the frustration, and I knew I had more travelling going up so I came up with a solution.”

Dannielle and Monique came up with the solution which was to create their own all-in-one nappy changing solution - now known worldwide as the diaper wallet.