How to deal with waste in business

Colin Fassnidge talks about how to minimise food waste in the restaurant industry

12 June 2018

To Colin Fassnidge, waste and food is a restaurant cardinal sin.

“We’re a restaurant that practices using nose to tail - we don’t waste any parts of the animals,” he said.

“Everything can be made into something else - we buy whole pigs and the joints and bits and bobs can be used to make sausage rolls, which in the end result, pays for the pigs.

“So it’s just good business sense. And also vegetables, we don’t have trimmings, they go in stocks, sauces, and you can make puree from the trimmings.”

Key takeaways:
-Use what you’ve paid for and don’t waste anything
-With the price of food, you shouldn’t be wasting any of it in your restaurant