The Career Escape: QuickBooks helping Swami's Yoga Retreat

See how QuickBooks has helped Sanjay, the owner of Swami's Yoga Retreat.

08 June 2018

‘Most people go through life on automatic’ says Sanjay, the owner of Swami’s Yoga Retreat. His opening words are profound enough to send shivers up your spine...or at least put your phone down for a minute.

You’ll be surprised to know that Sanjay was a phone juggling, power-suited city man before all this. He had a career in family law, helping exes fight about their cutlery and children (that’s how he put it). But the career life was too far from what he’d been brought up with. Too far from his real passion.

After all, Sanjay is the son of Swami Sarasvati, the pioneer from India who brought yoga to Australian lounge rooms on a daily TV show in the late 60’s. Swami comes from a long line of Brahman priests and yogis, and it was her who started Swami’s Yoga Retreat.

‘Unfortunately, yoga doesn’t make you bulletproof’ says Sanjay of his mother’s dementia. So when the opportunity came to run Swami’s, Sanjay embraced it full heartedly. He’s returned to his family’s calling. And he’s doing what he’s passionate about -- helping other people reconnect with the things around them.

While he regularly performs mind-bending poses, managing the precarious balance between being ‘present’ for his guests and running a business has been tougher than he anticipated.

‘Unfortunately there’s only one of me. The more time I can spend with clients, the more value I can give to their stay. If I’m running around chasing paperwork, I’m not helping people. I teach being present and so I need to practise it.’

But using QuickBooks Online to take care of the books means he has more time for his guests and for his family. ‘I love QuickBooks because the accountant doesn’t need me’. Sanjay’s accountant can see how the business is doing without the email trail.

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