Robbed and Underinsured: How Yellow Brick Road helped Eva

After filming for The Mentor, Eva's store was ram-raided and robbed, and she found herself underinsured.

05 June 2018

Last night on The Mentor, Australia met Eva Tartaglia, founder of Melbourne’s TOGAH Boutique.

What you didn’t see on TV was after filming the episode, Eva’s newly renovated store was ram raided and she lost tens of thousands of dollars in theft.

What Eva found next was that she was underinsured and needed help - so she turned to Yellow Brick Road for help.

“I had a phone call from a friend at 4.30 in the morning saying my store had been broken into, and the store was destroyed,” Eva said.

“So I became quite stressed, tired, vulnerable and fed up and I literally had nowhere to turn, and that’s why I reached out to Yellow Brick Road.”

Yellow Brick Road’s General Manager Adam Youkhana put Eva in touch with their insurance broking team, who then took over managing her crisis.

“Insurance companies don’t mind dealing with a broker because the conversation and the language changes because they know we’re going to ask the right questions to navigate the claim,” Adam said.

Eva’s existing policy was eight years old, and she hadn’t given it enough thought about what she was actually insured for as her business grew over the years.

Watch the full video above to see how Yellow Brick Road was able to help out Eva, and fix a common problem of underinsurance in small businesses.