Customer service is make-or-break

Sarah-Jane Clarke on why it’s so important to have well-trained staff for your retail business

07 June 2018

Fashion retail is a challenging business space in 2018 in Australia.

With so many online stores it’s easy to shop online, but what makes a difference at the actual physical site is the customer service.

Sarah-Jane Clarke, co-founder of Australian fashion powerhouse Sass & Bide says the customer needs to know they can trust the shop assistant.

“It comes down to having well-informed and well-trained staff members, as staff can make or break a sale,” she said.

“It’s about emotional intelligence and being able to read the customer, how they like to be spoken to or dealt with, and whether they want to be left alone or sold something.”

Key takeaways:
-It’s about the entire experience in the store - flowers, lighting, music, cleanliness, quality of the garments.
-The small details count.
-Create an environment where customers want to linger and spend their money