“Happy employees is where we want to be” – Mark Bouris

Mark Bouris discusses changes to JobKeeper and the potential to adopt a four day working week on Channel 7’s The Latest.

Job Keeper payments are now making their way out to more than 6 million Australians. The unprecedented support package from the government is now under scrutiny, amid concerns that many jobs are currently being kept alive by the Job Keeper payments, and will simply disappear once the Job Keeper package ceases in September.

Mark Bouris said that the stimulus measure is an incredibly important initiative which might be extended:

“My gut feeling is that the government will extend Job Keeper, but only for specified industries.

“The ABS released some stats recently about the industries where unemployment has been most heavily affected, broken down by region, by age and by industry. My feeling is the government might bring in some sought of hybrid Job Keeper specifically for certain industries, so that we don’t fall too much further on our face, when it comes to that unemployment three months from now.”

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