Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Mentor?

This April, Aussie businessman and entrepreneur Mark Bouris (Celebrity Apprentice) is stepping outside the boardroom to go one-on-one with local business owners on Channel 7's newest reality show The Mentor.

Who is Mark Bouris?

The guy on the hompepage. To learn more, see About Mark Bouris.

When is the TV show starting?

The show is scheduled for broadcast in April 2018 - stay tuned to the website for further updates.

How can I apply to be on The Mentor?

Casting for the current season of The Mentor has closed, but you can be the first to know about future casting opportunities by signing up to the Mentored mailing list via the homepage.

What is and how it is related to the TV show?

Mentored is an online platform operated by the team behind Mark Bouris, host of The Mentor. When the camera stops rolling the fun will just be getting started at, with behind the scenes footage, exclusive deals and early bird marketplace access. The Mentored platform will build upon the topics and business strategies you see on The Mentor, operating as a central hub for small to medium business owners to connect, learn and find new opportunities for business success.

Why join Mentored?

Mentored is a targeted platform designed specially for the needs of small to medium business owners and entrepreneurs. By joining the site you will gain access to regular email updates, exclusive deals and offers, as well as have the opportunity to be listed in our business marketplace when it launches.

Why do you need my email address?

We like you and we want to keep in touch! Subscribers will receive regular emails from Mentored with TV extras, podcast information and exclusive offers.

What will you do with my business details?

We are building an online marketplace for people who are already small to medium business owners, those interested in dipping their toes in the exciting world of business ownership. The marketplace will be a unique platform specially targeted for small to medium business owners who are looking for a place to connect with expert advice, identify opportunities, build their value and attract investors, partners or buyers. If you think any of these things sound cool, we encourage you to sign up and see where the journey takes you - who knows your next big opportunity could be just a few clicks away!

When will my business profile be published on the website?

The Mentored marketplace is currently under construction, we will be in touch with you via email closer to the date to let you know when your business profile will be published on the website.

How to get in touch with us

You can contact us via email

How can I advertise on Mentored?

Get in touch with our sales team

How can I claim deals on Mentored?

Special offers and deals will be listed on the Mentored website, clicking on a 'claim deal' link will take you to the relevant vendor to complete your deal purchase.

How can I get my business deals listed on Mentored?

If you have a great deal that meets the needs of small to medium business owners, get in touch with us at Our foundation deal partners will be featured on the homepage, with direct traffic from Channel 7 advertising, and click through traffic to a full page feature listings, including your logo, hero image and backlinks. Preference will be given to those offering unique discounts and deals tailored to our SMB audience, but existing offers in relevant market segments will also be considered.