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Straight Talk – Matt Moran

With a career spanning over 30 years in the Australian food industry, Matt Moran has done it all: TV shows, best-selling cookbooks and ownership of some of Australia’s most celebrated dining establishments; it’s safe to say that Matt Moran is an Australian food icon.

Mark described this episode as a “bit of a guilty pleasure” to get the inside scoop on all things food leading into the holiday season. As one Australia’s leading chef’s and restaurateurs, Matt knows everything when it comes to fresh produce.

Matt is a true fourth generation farmer. With a rural upbringing on a classic Aussie dairy farm, his family still runs the property in the Central Tablelands of New South Wales, which supplies beef and lamb to his restaurants. He was the pioneer of ‘paddock to plate’ philosophy in Australia and believes in the importance of everyone understanding the origins of the food being served on their plate.

Where does he get his fresh produce? What’s on the menu for Christmas day? What should you look out for when buying food? Matt shares his secrets of the trade.

Mark said, “I wanted to end the year on a really positive note, and Matt was the perfect guy to get in and chat all things food and holidays. Hopefully everyone enjoys this one.”

Where to now for Aussie restaurants and Cafes?

As a senior person in the catering and hospitality industry, Mark asked Matt what he wants to see from the industry in the next ten years.

“It’s a really tough industry. I think the government should help us when it comes to things like Fringe Benefits Tax and should abolish that, because all that’s going to do is make more jobs and make the industry much more vibrant.”

This means businesses would be allowed to claim tax deductions for entertaining clients or taking staff out to lunch. It’s a move supported by Mark, who emphasised that business owners would have much more of incentive to reward the staff with lunches and celebrations, which would hopefully lead to a better workplace culture.

Would you let a stranger park your car?

Would you let a stranger park your car? Matt shares an example of being down at the grocery store and offering to park a strangers car who was struggling to park with a bit of traffic around.

With everything that’s going on this year, Mark asked Matt about one of his big takeaways from 2020. For him, it’s generosity and kindness, or a lack thereof from a lot of us.

Matt said, “I have that real sense of generosity and humility. Never forget where you came from. Generosity doesn’t mean you have to give money away all the time. It can be for anything.”

What’s on the menu for Christmas day at the Moran household?

Ever wondered where the best-of-the-best shop for Christmas lunch?

Well, Matt Moran shares the inside scoop of what on his menu for Christmas day, as well as where to source some fresh local produce if you’re lucky enough to be looking to spoil your family these holidays.