April 8, 2020

Over 55,000 people have signed a petition to push delivery giants to slash their commission, to allow greater margins for local businesses in the hospitality industry.

Ben Fordham initiated the campaign to have delivery giants halve their commission during the coronavirus pandemic. The petition says, “Food delivery giants like Uber Eats, Deliveroo, Menulog and DoorDash charge Australian restaurants and cafes up to 35% commission on every order.” “With Australians increasingly staying at home instead of eating out because of coronavirus fears, these small food businesses are going broke.” “Our restaurants cannot survive like this. Customer numbers have plummeted, and when people order through food delivery third parties, the restaurant hands over up to 35% of the money.”

Mark Bouris on Credlin

Speaking to Peta Credlin on Sky News, Mark Bouris said that consumers need to react, by ringing up your local cafe and restaurant directly. Bouris said, “I would say, if you said to your restaurateur, look I’m going to come down every Monday night, or whatever night it is, and I’m going to buy my family’s dinner from your restaurant, I’m going to order it directly, so you don’t have to order through Uber, I’m going to pick it up, and would you give me a 10% discount?” “Instead of [the restaraunt] discounting their product by 35%, they discount it to you by 10%. You’re happier because you’re getting it cheaper, and the restaurant is happier because they’re saving 25%.” “What’s really important here Peta, is that the customer and the consumer is actually going to the restaurant, saying hello to the chef, and there will probably be someone else two and a half metres away to say hello to, so that we can keep this community going.” “I want to keep communities going. I want to keep restaurants going by holding much more of their margin.” View – “Eating Small Businesses Alive”