Live Stream Announcement for the 2020 Lexus & Mentored Grant Winners

The road to recognition

Earlier this year, Lexus partnered with Mentored and Mark Bouris to demonstrate their shared commitment to supporting innovators and entrepreneurs, introducing the Lexus and Mentored Grant. The grant aims to target small business people with an innovative idea and in particular, those that can’t see out that dream because of the unprecedented global pandemic. The grant consists of a total of $100,000, which will be split into four $25,000 grants shared with winning applicants.

A free ‘How to Pitch’ Masterclass, delivered by coaching expert Larry Robertson helped all applicants hone their pitching skills, underlining the importance of pitching and being able to sell your ideas as a key part in driving innovation to its destination. 

“We can’t succeed on our own. We can all grow together, and together we can all achieve something, Larry said, concluding his Masterclass.

Larry then joined Mark in the boardroom to help judge all of the entries and narrow the selection down to a shortlist of ten great pitches. But, there can only be four winners of the inaugural Lexus & Mentored Grant.

After careful deliberation and much consideration, Mark had his four.

Who are they?

Revealing the Final Four

Hosted by Mark Bouris at the Club of United Business in Sydney, and joined remotely by Lexus Australia Chief Executive Scott Thompson from lockdown in Melbourne, the Lexus x Mentored Grant Reveal Livestream was held on Tuesday, September 15 across multiple social media platforms.

Highlighting many of the great entries that were submitted, the Livestream gives you insight into the competition, what happened when Mark Bouris and Larry Robertson sat down to judge the entries, and educates you as to what entrepreneurs need to do to nail their pitch. Mark doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to business, and you’ll see his raw, genuine reactions to the pitches.

The Highlights